January 2013 Newsletter

Congratulations to our new Chairman, The Honorable Marshall Ecker, Staunton River District.  I am honored to have been elected Vice Chair and I look forward to working with Chairman Ecker and the other board members, as we continue to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Pittsylvania County.  

I have been appointed by Chairman Ecker to the following  committees:  Finance/Insurance; Personnel; Property/Building; Legislative; Beautification; School Board Liaison; Dan River Business Development Center; Local Emergency Planning; and as our representative to the Virginia Association of Counties.

Chairman Ecker re-appointed me as the Chair of the Legislative Committee.  This committee was very busy in 2012 and we have several items pending, as well as new matters to be addressed:

1.  Signs:  At the January 7th meeting, the full Board voted not to approve the recommendation from the Legislative Committee to add a new section to Chapter 14 of the Pittsylvania County Code pertaining to the posting of fliers and signs on county property.  Therefore, it currently remains acceptable to post such items on property owned by the county.

2.  Standards of Conduct:  In November, the Legislative Committee recommended to the full Board revisions to our Bylaws, which included the addition of "Standards of Conduct."  The Bylaws, Rules of Procedure, and Standards of Conduct" were approved by the Board on January 7, 2013.  

 3. Land Use:  In December, the Legislative Committee held a meeting with The Commissioner of Revenue to discuss the Land Use Revalidation Forms currently used.  The Committee recommended a Work Session with the Board and the Commissioner of Revenue to further develop the appropriate forms.  That meeting has been scheduled for 5:00 p.m., January 22, in the Captain Martin Building.

4. Pittsylvania County Code:  In December, the Committee recommended, and the full Board approved, to authorize the County Administrator to send out a RFP for the re-codification of the Pittsylvania County Code.  

5. Setbacks:  The first report of the Special Sub-Committee studying setbacks for wells and dwellings is due in February.

6. Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) Program:  Kevin Schmidt, Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Secretary Todd Haymore, Virginia Agriculture and Forestry, and Fred Wydner, Pittsylvania County Director of Agricultural Development, gave an overview of this program at a special meeting on October 24, 2012.   The Legislative Committee recommended, and the Board approved, to commission a Sub-Committee to study this issue and report back.  A representative from each Magisterial District was appointed to serve on this Sub-Committee. My appointment of Jim Harper, of Dry Ford, was approved by the Board.

7.  Policies and Procedures:  This Committee will be updating the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Policies and Procedures Manual.  Plans are to begin this work after the budget process has been completed. 

I toured the Chatham Elementary School over the holidays with the developer and representatives of the Town of Chatham First.  The renovation is on target and it was exciting to see the progress.  

On January 11, I spoke at the public hearing in support of both Certificates of Public Need requested by Centra and Danville Regikonal Medical Center.  I believe there is sufficient need for both and that the citizens of Pittsylvania County will be well-served to have both of the scanners requested.  In addition to providing additional convenient healthcare, the investment that both Centra and DRMC are proposing to make will bring jobs and boost the economy.  Both scanners will, not only be a win-win for the healthcare and the economic vitality of Gretna and Chatham, but for all of Pittsylvania County.  I applaud both facilities for their desire to provide better healthcare for our community.  

If you would like to serve on a baord or commission, you may access the application on the county’s website at www.pittgov.org.  Click on “Documents” and you will see the “Citizen Committee Interest Form.

Thank you for your trust in me as your representative on the Board of Supervisors.  If I can be of any assistance, please contact me at 434-724-4343 or through my website at www.brendabowman.com.








Thank you to the individuals and groups who participated in the Fall County-Wide Clean-Up.   135 volunteers logged in a total of 338 community service hours, covering 23 miles and picked up 169 bags of trash. 

Thanks to the following individuals or groups:  Brosville Library, Dry Fork Ruritan Club, Oakland United Methodist Church, Dan River Middle School FFA, Westover Hills PH Church, Vandola Baptist Church, Rock Springs United Methodist Church, Ric White, Jennifer McDaniel, Susan Watkins-Dalton, Megan Evans and her daughters, Lindsey, Madeline and Amber.


In addition, three high school clubs participated and each club received $100. The Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Beautification Committee and, through the generous contributions of business members of the Chamber, checks were presented to the Beta Club of Tunstall High School, sponsored by Patrick Touart, the Interact Club of Dan River High School, sponsored by Patricia Moore and the Gretna High School JROTC cadets, sponsored by Maj. Herb Daniel.  The Chatham High School JROTC, sponsored by Capt. Bob Henderson, will also be participating in a clean-up in the near future and will receive $100.00. 


The Board unanimously approved the following appointments for the Chatham-Blairs District: 

Richard Motley was re-appointed to the Planning Commission.  Mr. Motley has served on the Planning Commission for 20 years.  He served on the most recent Redistricting Committee and previously served on the Pittsylvania County Service Authority for 13 years.  Mr. Motley and his wife, Reva, reside in Chatham.


Dan Angell was appointed to the Board of Assessors.  Mr. Angell recently moved back to Pittsylvania County from Danville, where he served on the Danville-Pittsylvania County Community Services Board of Directors.  You will soon be seeing Mr. Angell, along with the county assessors, in your neighborhood during the upcoming re-assessment period.  He and his wife, Dianne, reside in the Mt. Hermon area.

Frank Fox, a business consultant, was appointed to the Road Viewers Committee.  Mr. Fox also serves on the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee of the West Piedmont Planning District. He and his wife, Maria, reside in the Mt. Hermon area. 


I chair the Legislative Committee and we have many issues currently being considered in the Committee.  Supervisors and County staff can request items to be included on the Agenda of this committee, in particular if it may involve changes to our County Ordinances. 

One pending item in this Committee is the issue of setback requirements for homes and wells, and the setback requirements for the spreading of liquid waste.  This matter has been referred to Mr. Greg Sides, our Asst. County Administrator, Planning & Development, and Mr. Odie Shelton, Director of Code Compliance, for further review and they will come back to the Committee in January 2013. 

Another issue in this Committee is the Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) where the county protects conservation through planning.  The Committee will learn more about this program from Todd Haymore, Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry, and from representatives from other counties who are currently participating in this program, this Wednesday, October 24, 5:00 p.m., at the Olde Dominion Agriculture Complex in Chatham.  Interested citizens are welcome to attend. 

This Committee will also be receiving input from all Board of Supervisor members on a proposed Resolution regarding uranium mining at a meeting of the Committee on November 5 at the Captain Martin Building in Chatham.   I encourage Chatham-Blairs citizens to continue sending me your input regarding uranium mining, whether you are for or against the mining of uranium in Pittsylvania County.  I represent almost 10,000 citizens in the Chatham-Blairs District and it is important that I hear from you on this very important issue.  Call your neighbors if you think they won’t see this request in the paper, and tell them to contact me.

Another issue pending in the Legislative Committee is the posting of political signs on county property. Supervisor Marshall Ecker asked that this matter be addressed.  Our County Attorney is researching this matter and no action has been taken. 

In addition, the Legislative Committee is updating the Bylaws, as well as proposing the adoption of a Code of Ethics, for the Board of Supervisors.

Thank you for your trust in me as your representative on the Board of Supervisors.  If I can be of any assistance, please contact me. 




Dear citizens:  My focus in this column will be on the upcoming countywide clean-up.  At our September 18th meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved a Proclamation declaring Saturday, September 22, 2012, as our Fall Countywide Clean-up.  This is the second countywide clean-up sponsored by the Beautification Committee since the committee was formed earlier in the year.   Our goal is to surpass the number of citizen-volunteers who participated in the spring.  More than 300 participants picked up trash along our roadways.  We urge residents, clubs, cubs & boy scouts troops, organizations, businesses, churches, schools, sports teams, fire department and rescue squads, to choose an area anywhere in the county and pick up trash this Saturday.  However, you can perform the clean-up anytime this week or next week.  We also encourage citizens to clean-up year-round.  We ask that someone from your group report the number of bags filled and miles cleaned, as well as a photo of the group, to your representative on the committee as listed below.  A report of participation and litter collected will be filed with the state litter control office.
Four school clubs, one from each high school, who participate in the clean-up, will be awarded $100 from the Danville-Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce for their effort as part of the STOP (Students taking on Pittsylvania) Litter Program.  The Gretna High School NJROTC kicked off with a clean-up of Blue Ridge Drive in August and received the $100 reward, which was also matched by Ross Electric of Gretna.  One club from Chatham HS, Tunstall HS and Dan River HS remain eligible for a $100 award.  The school should contact their representative on the committee as listed below to advise of the group participating.  Only one club per high school per clean-up period is eligible.  We encourage more businesses to get involved with our efforts.  Businesses who would like to help sponsor these rewards should contact Laurie Moran with the Chamber.   
Individuals or groups who would like to adopt a particular area to maintain year-round through the “Adopt a Highway” program may do so by contacting Linda Mills, Pittsylvania County Grants Administrator,  at 432-7716.  Bags and vests for the clean-ups are also available from Ms. Mills or from your representative on the committee.
The members of the Beautification Committee are:
Banister District – Mollie Homes – 432-9776
Callands-Gretna District – Mauricca Doss, 656-1297
Chatham-Blairs District – Bobby Jones – 836-3400
Dan River District – Vicky Collie – 822-6311
Staunton River District – Mary Ellen Forrest – 324-4544
Tunstall District – Megan Evans – 251-2612
Westover District – Grady Carrigan – 791-2947
Thank you for your efforts in helping to keep our county beautiful.  You may contact me at 724-4343 or visit my website at


August 2012 Newsletter

Members of the Board of Supervisors receive many concerns and requests from citizens.  Some are easy to fix with a phone call or visit; some require a higher level of research and hopefully an amicable solution.   We cannot do our job effectively without the resources available to us by the county, especially those provided to us by our county staff.   I would like to take the opportunity to thank three staff members, who went the extra mile to, not only assist me, but to make two former citizens of the Town of Chatham experience something they will never forget.


While talking with several citizens on Main Street of Chatham on August 2, I was approached by two strangers on the sidewalk who had just arrived from Richmond for a nostalgic trip to their hometown.  They told me they had read about the future development of the Chatham Elementary School and how excited they were with the plans.  They had attended the school in the 1950’s.  They asked if it was possible to go inside the school and see their old classrooms and reminisce before the renovations began.   I was leaving this appointment, running late for another appointment and it was after 5:00 p.m., but I immediately began making calls.  I was able to reach Otis Hawker, our County Administrator, on his cell and he said he would be on leave the next day but that he would make the arrangements with staff.  I gave the ladies my card with instructions to contact Rebecca Flippen in the County Administrator’s Office the next day.  I later learned that Mr. Hawker contacted Mrs. Flippen and Mr. Carl Wright with Building & Grounds (again this was after hours), giving his blessings to make this happen should they contact the County Administrator’s office the next day.


I did not get the ladies names that day but on August 8th, I received a letter from Billie Gail Clark Douglas of New Kent, VA, and will quote some of the contents:


“Thank you for your part in making my sister’s and my trip to our hometown of Chatham so special.  A little article in the Richmond Times Dispatch sparked our interest.  The plans for the old Chatham Elementary School sound wonderful.  With your phone call, we were able to, once again, walk the halls of our old school.  Carl couldn’t have been nicer as he walked around with us.  He was kind to listen to our memories as we remembered our classrooms and teachers from the 50’s.  Our family moved to Richmond in 1960, but a little piece of our hearts remain in Chatham.  My best wishes go to you as you serve your community and all of Pittsylvania County.” 


I extend my personal thanks and appreciation to Otis Hawker, Rebecca Flippen and Carl Wright, for making my job easy and for their facilitating to make this a memorable experience for these two ladies.


The Board of Supervisors now has an office located in the County Administration/Captain Martin Building on Center Street in Chatham.   The office is another step in the right direction to make us more accessible to the citizens.  Citizens interested in serving on a board or commission are encouraged to visit the county’s website www.pittgov.org to download an application and submit to the County Administrator’s Office.  You may contact me at 434-724-4343or visit my website at www.brendabowman.com



Brenda Bowman, Supervisor

Chatham-Blairs District


July 2012 Newsletter

I enjoyed having dinner and talking with citizens at the Chatham Volunteer Fire Department on July 4, 2012. It was good food and entertainment by the 57 Express Buegrass Band. See photos in the Photo Album page.


 I expecially want to thank the citizens who attended my first Town Hall meeting on May 31st. My thanks to the panel, consisting of various county department heads and staff who volunteered their personal time in providing the public with valuable information. The citizens attending that night voiced their appreciation for having the opportunity to ask questions and to have open discussions with me and the panel members. I plan to have a second Town Hall later this year to continue keeping you informed on current issues.


Application for Boards & Commissions Policy adopted: I am happy to report that citizens will soon be able to visit the county’s website and make application on-line indicating interest in serving on our various boards and commissions. There are many opportunities for citizens to become involved in our local government. The application will be available on-line in the near future. Continue to check for it at www.pittgov.org.


Board Appointments

Mr. Hershel Stone has been appointed to the Pittsylvania County Service Authority for a four-year term. The Service Authority provides water and sewer service to approximately 3,200 customers in Pittsylvania County, covering 98 miles of water lines and 74 miles of sewer lines. The Service Authority receives drinking water from Henry County, the City of Danville, the Towns of Chatham, Gretna and Hurt.   Mr. Stone is a Certified Financial Planner with Edward Jones Investments in the Mt. Hermon area. Mr. Stone is President of the Danville Rugby Club, and is an active leader with local cub scouts. Mr. Stone is a past chairman of the Friends of the NRA and a past board member of the Pittsylvania County Economic Development Board. Mr. Stone spearheaded the first annual County-wide Clean-up held in conjunction with the newly formed Beautification Committee this past April. Mr. Stone and his wife, Lauren, reside in the Dry Fork area, and are active members of North Danville Church of Christ.    


Mr. Shannon Hair has been appointed to the Dan River Business Development Center Board of Directors. The Board works with the City of Danville and Pittsylvania County to promote, assist and provide educational opportunities for new or developing business owners or entrepreneurs, to include acquiring land and acquiring or developing facilities. Mr. Hair is the Executive Director of the Danville Community College Educational Foundation and Director of Development for Danville Community College. He is a current member of the Board of Trustees for Danville Regional Medical Center, an active member of the Danville Kiwanis Club, a past member of the Danville–Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce and a past board member of the Danville Family YMCA. Mr. Hair and his wife, Heather, reside in the Mt. Hermon area and are members of North Main Baptist Church. Mr. Hair’s term is for two years.


Mr. Robert W. (Bob) Warren has been appointed to the Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services Board of Directors for a three-year term. The DPCS provides public mental health, mental retardation, substance abuse and prevention services for more than (10) different sites in the City and County, which serves approximately 8,000 people through the various programs.  Mr. Warren is co-owner of R. J. Baldwin Agency, Inc.  He is a Past President of the Danville Assn. of Insurance and Financial Professionals, Past President of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Danville Area, Past President of Tuscarora Country Club, and a current board member of Chatham Cares, Inc., which owns and operates The Community Center in Chatham.   He is a Trustee and Deacon of Shermont Baptist Church.  Mr. Warren and his wife, Tammy, reside in the Mt. Hermon area. 




Newsletter – June 27, 2012


I’d first like to take this opportunity to thank the citizens who attended my first Town Hall meeting on May 31st.  My thanks to the panel, consisting of various county department heads and staff who volunteered their personal time in providing the public with valuable information. The citizens attending that night voiced their appreciation for having the opportunity to ask questions and to have open discussions with me and the panel members.  I plan to have a second Town Hall later this year to continue keeping you informed on current issues. 

Application for Boards & Commissions Policy adopted:  I am happy to report that citizens will soon be able to visit the county’s website and make application on-line indicating interest in serving on our various boards and commissions.  There are many opportunities for citizens to become involved in our local government.  The application will be available on-line in the near future.  Continue to check for it at www.pittgov.org.

Uranium Forum:  This is a reminder, that on Monday, July 9, 2012, 7:00 p.m., in the General District Courtroom in Chatham, the Board of Supervisors will have an opportunity to hear from citizens regarding uranium mining in Virginia.  I encourage all citizens - those in favor, those opposed, and those who are undecided concerning the lifting of the ban on uranium, to please come share your thoughts with us.  I ask that constituents in the Chatham-Blairs District who are unable to attend this meeting on July 9th, to please email me your thoughts at brenda@brendabowman.com, drop me a note at 300 Bowman Dr., Dry Fork, VA 24549, or call me at 434-724-4343


News - May 2012 - To the Chatham-Blairs District and all Pittsylvania County Citizens:  Please allow me to present to you my position in reaching the difficult decision on May 7th to support the increase in taxes and fees that affect the citizens of Pittsylvania County.  Costs of services continue to rise, such as cost of fuel which impacts the sheriff’s department and our fleet of trash collection and landfill vehicles.  In addition, plans are underway for construction of a new cell at the landfill.  Pittsylvania County has one of the lowest tax rates in the State and pays below the state average for its staff positions.  Our employees have not received a pay raise in five years.  I did not want to raise taxes but the county has huge debts facing it this coming year, over and above the normal expenses of operating the county.

During the last four months, I have been attending, listening and asking questions at finance committee meetings, meetings with department heads and our county administrator.  Our county’s budget is complex.  I was able to find and suggest several areas of reductions.  I will continue to seek ways to lower our expenditures but I also realize we have debts due, some that are unfunded Federal and State mandates.  I would like to touch on three of the large debts below.

  1. In 2007, citizens approved the school bond referendum in the amount of $70 million to build four high schools, which gave the Board of Supervisors permission to raise taxes to pay for the schools.  Taxes were not raised at that time, and in 2010 the real estate tax rate was reduced from 54 cents to 52 cents during the reassessment period.  With that reduction the county has been losing $350,000 per year in revenue for the past two years, which is a total loss to the county of $700,000 to date. As a result of a decision to refinancethe school bond debt, the due date was pushed further down the road and the payment has increased by $1,700,000.  To date, $49.1 million of the bonds have been issued and in 2013, we will issue the remaining $20.9 million bonds. 
  2. One of the Federal mandates is the unfunded upgrade to our 911 system, which will cost the county $13 million.  That twelve-year debt begins with the first payment of $1,176,000 in the 2012-2013 budget.
  3.  The County owes the Commonwealth $7,699,933 as reimbursement for funds received for ineligible students and services under the Comprehensive Services Act.  The Office of Comprehensive Services has begun reducing State revenues due the County by $250,000 per year for the next ten years.  Once we’ve re-paid $2.5 million dollars to the State, the remaining $5,000,000+ will be forgiven.  One person responsible for this will be going to trial soon.  I have many questions about this and I intend to follow it closely, as I am not satisfied with the findings. 

The County Administrator presented to the Board 5 options to meet our $5,000,000 deficit.  I support the Solid Waste fee because I feel it is a more fair tax for all.  I do not feel it is fair to tax the homeowners over and over.  The solid waste fee is for all households, i.e., renters and homeowners.  If we didn’t adopt the solid waste fee for everyone, we would be forced to increase the real estate tax even higher.  That is not fair to the homeowners.  With the solid waste fee, we are able to keep the tax increase on real estate low. 

We have held a public hearing on the budget and the solid waste fee.  The Board of Supervisors meets twice a month in which citizens have an opportunity to speak.  At the public hearing held in April, six (6) citizens from the Chatham-Blairs District spoke in opposition to the budget.  I received one email and one letter opposing the solid waste fee, and five phone calls, one who supports and understands what we needed to do, and the other four opposing any increases. I represent approximately 9,000 citizens in the Chatham-Blairs District.  The citizens who spoke at public meetings and/or contacted me in opposition to my decision represent .0014% of the entire Chatham-Blairs District. While campaigning last year, I asked citizens if they would support a tax increase to pay for the school bond debt.  The results of my survey were 65% yes, 22% mixed, and 13% no. 

With the message I received from citizens last year while knocking on doors, and the feedback I have received in the last few weeks, I believe you have put your trust in me to show leadership and do what is necessary to manage the County and pay our debts, while ensuring that services are provided, and that our citizens and our quality of life are protected.  

I invite you to attend my first Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, May 31, 2012, 7:00 p.m., at Twin Springs Elementary School.  Other elected officials, as well as county department heads will participate in a panel to provide information on matters of interest to you as well as address your input and questions.  This will be a great time for us to have open dialog about what is on your mind.  My phone number is 434-724-4343My website is www.brendabowman.com, and you can email me at brenda@brendabowman.com.




April 2012 - Supervisors Thank Citizens


Congratulations to the citizens of Pittsylvania County for showing you care about our community.  The response to the first project of the newly formed Beautification Committee was beyond expectations. The Pittsylvania Board of Supervisors could not be more proud of the team effort of so many individuals and groups who participated in our county-wide clean-up during the celebration of Earth Week.  A big thank you to Hershel Stone who spearheaded the clean-up efforts, to the members of the Beautification Committee, Megan Evans, Mollie Holmes, Mauricca Doss, Bobby Jones, Vicky Collie, Mary Ellen & Jackie Forrest, and Grady Carrigan, to Linda Mills, Pittsylvania County’s Grants Administrator, Kevin Keys, for donating display banners, to our local radio stations WAKG, WBTM, WDVA, WWDN, WKBY for PSA airtime, and to The Chatham Star Tribune and Danville Register & Bee, for coverage of the clean-upefforts. 

The following groups, consisting of approximately 300 citizens, representing all seven county districts, along with the Beautification Committee Members and their supervisors, cleaned miles of roadways and collected hundreds of trash bags.  We know there are others who participated and we apologize if anyone is omitted.

Ross Electric, Inc. – Pittsville Road, Callands-Gretna District
Boy Scout Troop & Cub Pack 377 – F.C. Beverly Road – Tunstall & Chatham Blairs Districts
Pleasant Gap Residents – Pleasant Gap Road, Chatham-Blairs District
Ringgold Church Road Residents – Ringgold Church Road, Dan River District
Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church – Mt. Cross Road, Westover District
Life, Inc. Volunteers – Chalk Level Rd., Ben Annie Rd., Rockford School Rd., and Moses Mill                                 Road, Callands-Gretna District
Chatham-First – Main Street, Chatham-Blairs District
Tunstall High School – Tunstall High School Road, Tunstall & Chatham-Blairs District
Cub Scout Pack 386 – Mill Creek Rd., Walnut Creek Rd., Westover District
Westover Hills Pentecostal Holiness Church – Vandola Rd., Bennett St., Westover District
Residents – Deer View Rd., Staunton River District
Boy Scout Troop 175 – Callands-Gretna District
Boy Scout Troop & Cub Scout Pack 372 – Dan River District
Cub Scout Pack 452 – City of Danville
Cub Scout Pack 356 – City of Danville
Boy ScoutTroop 378 – Brosville
Boy Scout Troop 346 – Chatham
North Danville Church of Christ – Iris Lane, Westover District
Ringgold residents – Shawnee Road, Dan River District
Faith Memorial Baptist Church – Rt. 58 – Tunstall District
Chatham Rotary Club - Old Mine Road, Callands-Gretna
Sarah Stewart and friends - Marion Road, Banister District
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Ramsey - Banister District
Brenda Robertson and friends - Java Road, Banister District
Sherrie Waller - Church Road, Banister District
Bob Bartlett and family - Spring Garden Road to Sandy Creek Bridge, Halifax Road to Slatesville Road, Banister District
Rock Springs United Methodist Church – Rock Springs Road, Dan River District
Kentuck Elementary School students – Kentuck campus – Dan River District
Countryside residents - Countryside to Depot Road – Dan River District
Keeling Drive Residents -  Keeling Dr. to Paradise Lake Campground – Dan River District
Lawrence & Joyce Wilburn  – Hawks Ridge Rd., Chatham-Blairs District


Thank you from the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors

Tim Barber, Chairman – Tunstall District
James Snead, Vice Chair – Dan River District
Coy Harville – Westover District
Marshall Ecker – Staunton River District
Brenda Bowman – Chatham-Blairs District
Jessie Barksdale – Banister District
Jerry Hagerman – Callands-Gretna District



















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Chatham-Blairs District